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Welcome to Baseline!


The key points from this assignment.

  • This course helps you to learn graphic design and digital product design through short lessons, exercises, and hands-on design briefs
  • We’ve designed the materials to be clear, concise, and accessible, with no lessons longer than 10 minutes. They’re also completely free!
  • You can get an expert opinion on your work any time by booking an on-demand coaching session

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You’ve just discovered the freshest way to learn design online.

In this first assignment, you’ll find out more about why we’ve put this course together, how our approach is different, and — most importantly — how you can succeed with this programme and reach your goals.

How Baseline is different from other courses

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As you may have found out for yourself, people looking to learn design online are often faced with a choice between two main options.

First, there are sites which host passive content, usually in video format. And second, there are providers who offer instructor- or mentor-led courses, which are more in-depth and include individual or group tuition.

Each approach has its pros and cons.

Passive courses

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check  Inexpensive (around $0–$400)
check  Digestible, bitesize content
check  Accessible format, available immediately


cross  Often few projects to practise with
cross  Usually no feedback or expert support
cross  Requires a very high level of motivation

Mentor- or instructor-led courses

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check   More in-depth curriculum with hands-on projects
check   Online community
check   Feedback and expert support


cross  Usually a lot more expensive — many popular bootcamps cost £5,000+
cross  There can be a delay between completing work and getting feedback
cross  Sometimes inflexible pacing and course conditions

Baseline: a middle way

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Having to choose between these two models — passive courses and conventional bootcamps — unfortunately leaves many people’s needs unmet, particularly where price is a deciding factor.

There are countless talented, driven people who want to switch to a career in design, but who are prevented from accessing college design courses and bootcamps because of the cost.

In creating Baseline, we have tried to find a middle way — by bringing together 100% free, high-quality, in-house course materials, and affordable, on-demand coaching.

In the next few assignments, we’ll explain in more detail how the course works, and how you can set yourself up for success. We’ll then break the ice with a short sketching exercise!

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