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Last updated: May 21, 2021

Design principles

Visual principles

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Usability principles and usability

Dieter Rams’ ten principles for good design
Insights from industrial design.

I just want to cook my food
A lament from Bruno Maag about poor induction hob usability.

Ethical principles

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Fonts and typography

Google Fonts
Hundreds of high-quality free fonts.

A free fonts service from the Indian Type Foundry.

Adobe Fonts
A large library of premium fonts with easy licensing.

Font Match
A tool that allows you to compare two fonts by superimposing them.

Type trends, font pairings, and typography advice.

Fonts In Use
An archive of typefaces found in the wild.

I Love Typography
A blog by John Boardley about typography, type history, and making fonts.

An annual typography conference from Type@Cooper.

About legibility and readability
An essay by typography expert Bruno Maag.

The emotional accessibility of reading
A short essay by David Bailey, UX principal at the BBC.

More than meets the eye
Maria Doreuli debunks prejudices against display typefaces.

Fonts in popular culture identified
Jeremiah Shoaf of Typewolf tracks some typefaces down.

Print Mag’s favourite typefaces of 2020
A collection of 25 new fonts.

I Love Typography’s favourite typefaces of 2020
More new fonts.

Colour and colour palettes

A tool for exploring and generating colour palettes.

Brand identity design resources

Happy new branding
A guide from TypeTogether about using typefaces in branding.

Usability resources

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Baseline is different

We reimagined the design bootcamp, with the help of three principles:

❯  High-quality design curriculum should be available to everyone for free

❯  Access to expert design coaching should be flexible and affordable

❯  Online education should respect people’s rights, privacy, and autonomy

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