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Portfolio Brief

Brand Identity Design

 Time limit: 15 hours

Create a schedule for this brief, then use your visual timer to keep things on track.



This 15-hour brief gives you the opportunity to apply your learning about brand identity design to a more substantial project. Refer back to the assignments in Part 5 if you get stuck or aren’t sure what should come next in the process.


Carefully read the brief below, and then use what you’ve learned to complete the listed deliverables.

The Brief


The owners of a small brewery of low-alcohol beer and cider have been busy testing and perfecting their drinks before bringing them to market.

Although their product is nearly ready, they’ve not started on branding of the brewery or the products. They’ve approached you to help them develop a name for the brewery, as well as a name for the one beer and one cider that they will be launching.

The company

The company’s mission is to bring to market low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks that are authentic, delicious, and high-quality — not pale imitations of “the real thing”.

The product needs to be positioned as mainstream, so that it looks neither cheap nor inaccessible. The branding should be truly inclusive, avoiding in particular any stereotypes about gender or age, or associations between those stereotypes and particular kinds of drink.

Finally, the brand identity needs to exude quality, in particular showing off the premium ingredients and painstaking process that has gone into creating these exceptional drinks.


  1. A short report on competitors’ branding
  2. Some name options for the brewery, the beer, and the cider
  3. At least three logo options for the brewery, once you’ve chosen a name
  4. A font pairing that can work across the brand
  5. A colour palette that can work across the brand. Alternatively, one colour palette for the cider range, and another for the beer range — but the two colour palettes must work well alongside each other
  6. A selection of photos in consistent style that can be used to support the branding — choose these from public domain sites like Unsplash   and Pexels  
  7. Brand documentation, using this Figma template  , or a template of your own design

If you have time:

  1. Two bottle label designs — one for the beer, and one for the cider — using this Figma template  

In conclusion...

We hope you’ve enjoyed working more independently on this first portfolio brief. Remember, discussion and peer support is always available over in our Slack workspace  .

Next up, another short reflection exercise — followed by your editorial design brief!

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