Course  ·  Part 5  ·  Assignment 21


Guided Brief: Design a Magazine Feature

Refine Layout Options

 Time limit: 1 hour

Remember to use your visual timer! We recommend the inventor’s iOS and Android apps — just search for “Time Timer” in the app store.



In this stage, you’ll create some larger, more detailed sketches of your strongest layout ideas.



Choose the two strongest layouts

First, review your thumbnail sketches and pick out two layout options that you think are the strongest.


Create a detailed sketch of the first layout

 Set your timer: 30 minutes

Work at at least 50% size. You may find it beneficial to work at 100% size. Remember, the paper size for this magazine feature is A4 (297mm x 205mm). We recommend drawing guidelines for the grid you’ve chosen for each design.

Here’s a reminder of the level of detail to aim for.

Remember, you don’t need to draw in details of the photographic elements — you can just use a placeholder like this to indicate where an image will go:


Create a detailed sketch of the second layout

 Set your timer: 30 minutes

Repeat the process for the second thumbnail sketch.


Review the example solution

Once you’ve completed your work on this assignment, take a few minutes to review the example solution below.

Example solution

Refined layout page 1 Refined layout page 2 Refined layout page 3 Refined layout page 4

In conclusion...

Now that you’ve developed your layout, let’s get your Figma or InDesign file set up and ready for you to digitise the design.

Assignment version 1.1
Last updated 17 October 2021

Change notes:
17 October 2021, v1.1: Example solution added, and small copyedits made.

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