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Analyse a Data Visualisation

 Time limit: 1 hour

Remember to use your visual timer! We recommend the inventor’s iOS and Android apps — just search for “Time Timer” in the app store.



In this assignment, you’ll examine one of Nicholas Felton’s annual reports, and identify as many things as you can about why it’s a brilliant example of data visualisation.



Analyse Nicholas Felton’s 2009 Annual Report

 Set your timer: 50 minutes

Between 2005 and 2014, the information Nicholas Felton released annual reports about his own life, using extensive data he’d collected through meticulous record-keeping and the use of personal tracking devices.

For this assignment, open up his 2009 report  , open up your notebook, and write down as many observations as you can about what makes it successful as an example of data visualisation.

You can approach this exercise however you like — you could focus on one or two pages in detail, you could look for what is consistent across the whole report, or you could do both. However you tackle it, remember that you only have 50 minutes — stop when the time’s up.


Review the example solution

Once you’ve completed your work on this assignment, take a few minutes to review the example solution below.

Example solution


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In conclusion...

Next, let’s look at some more advanced data visualisation conventions.

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