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Guided Brief: Build a Brand Identity

Sketch Some Logomark Options

 Time limit: 1 hour

Remember to use your visual timer! We recommend the inventor’s iOS and Android apps — just search for “Time Timer” in the app store.



In this assignment, you’ll pick a brand name from the options you developed in the previous assignment, and then sketch some ideas for the brand’s logomark.



Choose a brand name

Review the brand name ideas you developed in the previous assignment, and choose the one that you think responds to the brief best.


Sketch ideas for a logomark

 Set your timer: 50 minutes

Set to work sketching some ideas for the logomark! In the time available, you’re looking to come up with three different options for the icon-style logo asked for in the brief — you’ll work on the wordmark in the next assignment.

Nevertheless, it’s worth writing out the brand name in Title Case, UPPERCASE, and lowercase in your sketches, because there are often lots of graphic ideas waiting to be discovered within the letterforms of a brand’s name. (Think of the FedEx arrow!)

Here are some tips for how to keep coming up with new sketches:

  • Try sketching some monograms — the first letter of the brand name, if it’s one word, or the first letter of each word in the brand name, if it’s more than one word
  • Explore the uppercase and lowercase letterforms within the brand name, and notice any interesting shapes
  • Go back to your word associations from the previous assignment, and try making some 5-second sketches of each word
  • Do some fresh mind-maps and word associations to discover new concepts
  • Use the SCAMPER technique to generate new ideas by modifying your existing ones
  • Refer back to the readings on how to design a logomark   and the different types of logomark   if you get stuck

Review the example solution

Once you’ve completed your work on this assignment, take a few minutes to review the example solution below.

Example solution

Here are our sketches for this assignment:

In conclusion...

Having fun? In the next assignment, it’s time to choose the strongest sketch, and digitise it in Figma.

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Last updated 7 June 2021

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